Friday, January 25, 2008

In Case of Escape of Chickens

Step One: Assign Tasks
* Chicken Herders (1 or more)
* Snack Finder (1)
* Trap Maker

Step Two (Chicken Herders):
Attempt to catch chickens. If chickens are not caught, attempt to herd them into a corner and contain them, and notify other team members that they should continue with the plan.

Step Two (Snack Finder):
Find delicious snacks for the chickens.
Grade One Snacks: grapes,
Grade Two Snacks: green leafy things, such as lettuce or spinach,
Grade Three Snacks: wheat, foodscraps,
Grade Four Snacks: anything that looks like a chicken might eat it.

Step Two (Trap Maker):
Get the laundry basket, and a stick to prop it up. Find some string, wool, or electrical cord to tie to the stick.

Step Three:
Trap Maker to set up the laundry basket on the ground near the contained chickens, propped up by the stick. Trap Maker should position themself some distance away, ready to pull the string.

Snack Finder to scatter delicious snacks around, and underneath, the laundry basket, then remain nearby on alert.

Chicken Herders to let the chickens go, falling back but maintaining a blockade to encourage chickens to move nearer to delicious snacks.

Step Four:
When chickens move under the laundry basket, Trap Maker should pull the stick out, trapping the chickens. Snack Finder should hold the basket down.

In case this step fails, as seems likely, all team members revert to Chicken Catchers, and everyone runs around trying to catch chickens until the chickens are either returned to the yard or irrevocably lost.

Step Five:

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