Friday, January 25, 2008

In Case of Attack by Zombie, or other shambling halfdeads that wish us no good

Current status: needs further development.

Weapons caches:
* 1 x Bow: currently missing arrows, may be useful for bashing,
* 2 x Swords: foam, probably useless,
* 2 x Badminton racquets

Back Door
* 1 x secatuers (small)
* 1 x saw (medium, curved)

Weapons (other):
* Records: c.f. Shaun of the Dead
* Chair
* Table: barricades, or as a weapon for stronger defence team members
* Knicknacks and books: possible use for throwing
* Fan: spattery kills of fragile attackers

One really should not need help here. Cupboard may be used for barricading.

Action Plan
* All defense team members to arm themselves. Taller team members begin to secure the house, shorter team members attempt to appraise themselves of the situation. Can attackers be killed? Are they contagious? How long is the attack likely to last? What supplies exist in the house?
* Fall back to Kale's room (this requires further discussion - while it is the most secure room, we would also be trapped).

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